The following secrets and strategies have been cleared as “declassified” and are now accessible to a few small business owners for the very first time! 

"Plug-and-Play" These Battlefield-Proven Business Systems — Forged in Afghanistan — and Unearth 'Quick Win' Profits Inside Your Small Business in Under 5 Days!

Retired Marine Corps Officer, Donato Powell - one of the leading business experts in the country, is routinely featured on:

From the Desk of "Teufelhunden" Donato Powell

July 19, 10:30AM

Dublin, California

Dear Small Business Owner,

Are you ready to turbocharge your profits right now, with 'plug-and-play' business systems so formidable, they've withstood the test of active combat?

In the harsh, unforgiving frontlines of Afghanistan, I was tasked with a life-or-death mission: Safeguard 19,000 combat marines while cutting millions in military costs...

Danger Was Imminent and the Pressure Was Intense!

Yet in the chaos, I forged "just in time" systems that transformed disarray into order, risk into safety, and excess into efficiency. My groundbreaking work didn't just succeed — it earned me the rare honor of dual Meritorious Service Awards from both the U.S. Army and the Marine Corps.

These were new systems born in the crucible of war, thriving under the harshest conditions.

And I thought to myself...

If they can work here, they can surely work in regular businesses – where stakes are high, but bullets aren't flying.

And guess what? My hunch didn't just pay off – it shattered all expectations!

The Systems I Forged for the Military Unearthed Tens of Millions in New Profits for Fortune 500 Companies - Almost Like Magic!

These battlefield-born systems were implemented in some of the biggest names in corporate America and the results were astounding...

I managed to save thousands of jobs within these companies.

At the same time, I generated tens of millions of dollars in new profit, practically materialized out of thin air.

As I approached retirement, I couldn't help but reflect on my journey and accomplishments.

That's when it hit me…

If these strategies could work such wonders for big companies, just imagine the incredible potential they hold for small business owners!

And so, I set my sights on a new mission – to share these powerful, battle-tested tactics with small businesses that could truly benefit from them...

I’m Now Discovering My Systems Work Even Better for Small Businesses… And Can Be Used to Quickly Find Multiple “Quick Win” Profits in Your Business Right Away!

One day at my local barber shop, I overheard Daren, the owner, discussing the financial strain his business was under due to no-show appointments.

Recognizing a chance to help, I stepped in and quickly pinpointed a critical flaw in his scheduling process. Implementing a simple yet effective solution I proposed, Daren recovered an astonishing 95% of his monthly losses!

Similarly, when I assisted a local beauty shop, I discovered a significant inventory issue that was slowing their profit growth. With an easy-to-implement system I introduced, the store immediately cut costs by 50%, tripling their take-home profits within three months!

Interestingly, what I found while working with Fortune 500 companies applies even more profoundly to small businesses...

But my systems still had one last challenge...

Eight Figure Victories in the Heart of Silicon Valley

After deploying these systems in both Fortune 500 companies and local small businesses, I felt inspired to apply them in one last challenging environment: Silicon Valley.

I wanted to see if they truly worked in every business environment on the planet...

Once again, I was blown away by how awesomely powerful these systems and secrets are!

I recently executed a formidable $25 million M&A deal...

And secured $5 million in funding for a new start-up.

These achievements aren’t just personal milestones — they're powerful endorsements of the power of these systems.

No matter the scenario — be it Fortune 500 boardrooms, local businesses, or high-stakes investment negotiations — they consistently drive efficiency, unearth hidden profits, and catalyze rapid exponential growth.

And that's why for the first time ever, I want to make my systems and secrets available to YOU...

So you can cut costs, multiply profits, and improve your life so quickly it will shock you and those you know!


“Operation Profit Surge”

The Ultimate 5-Day On-Demand Blueprint to Boost Your Profits with Military Precision!

Are you ready to deploy the tactics and strategies of an elite military logistics expert to skyrocket the profits of your business? 

After dedicating years to military service and the private sector, I present "Operation Profit Surge" – a culmination of my life's work, tailored to help small business owners achieve a massive profit boost in just 5 days or less!

I'm going to give you the tools and knowledge to rapidly scale your business beyond seven or eight figures.

Now available in an easy-to-implement "plug-and-play" format, so you can start using these battle-tested strategies in your business today.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that “Operation Profit Surge” will propel your business to seven or eight figures that I’m offering a bulletproof, money-back guarantee. I believe every small business owner should have the opportunity to experience the power of these strategies without risking a dime.

When you join our course and at the end of the week, if you feel that you did not gain anything from Operations Profit Surge, you can have a full refund, no questions ASKED. Why? Because we are that confident in the life-changing strategies we are about to share with you.

No interrogation, no obstacle course – just a swift and hassle-free refund!

Our mission is your success, and I’m committed to standing by my battle-tested program. So gear up, take the leap, and enlist in "Operation Profit Surge" today.

With our money-back guarantee, you've got nothing to lose and a whole new world of profits to conquer!

Secure Your Spot Before It’s Too Late!

Don't let this golden opportunity slip through your fingers! 

Due to the personalized attention and support we provide to each participant, we can only accept a limited number of enrollees in each "Operation Profit Surge" session. 

Spots are filling up fast, and once they're gone, you may have to wait for the next session to open up.

By joining now, you'll not only secure your place in this transformative program, but you'll also gain a head start on your competition. The sooner you implement our battle-tested strategies, the quicker you'll see results – and the more likely you'll be to outmaneuver your competitors.

This is your chance to revolutionize your business and boost your profits like never before.

Don't wait another minute to start your journey towards seven or eight figures:

Unleash Your Profit Potential in 5-Days or Less… Or Your Money Back [One-time payment of just $47]

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Step Two

Real People Real Results...

"Called Upon A Second Time For A Deeper Dive Campus Wide, The Process And Systems Donato Designed And Built For Our University Yielded Even Greater Results; A Net $18M On The Books Within 10 Months Of Implementation."

Andre Garces

Logistics Director & Business Adjunct, APU

More Success...

If you want to have insights that will provide your business with immediate impact, you must participate in Operation Profit Surge. Donato has a way of making the complex simple, fast, and with immediate positive impact on my business and personal time. The things I learned in such a short time was mind blowing. It’s not just about making more profits for my business, although nice – now I am able to have a lot of my free time back, and not having to pay for and not having to ever waste time with unqualified leads again is such a great burden lifted off me and my staff! If you desire to have more of your time back in the day, and less stress, while making more money, do not hesitate to take advantage of Operations Profit Surge!

- Vernice B.
CEO, Fille’s

I have come to recognize Donato for his intellect, maturity, integrity, and superior team-building skills. A proven performer, Donato is focused, knowledgeable, insightful, and highly respected…Moreover, he effectively applies his broad base of education and critical reasoning skills to anticipate second and third order effects and then to plan and articulate cogent solutions to complex issues…. Simply stated, Donato is a consummate professional… a selfless, caring leader of the first order.

- Walter G.
Lieutenant General, USMC Retired

Most of us that have been in the insurance business for a substantial amount of years know this is a day-to-day grind; always seeking customers. If you don’t change with the times with AI and systems that can complement your business processes, you will always be in that same old grind day-to-day, that is if you don’t quit first. My biggest problem was that I did not have the time to learn all the new technology or pay for more resources, but knew if I did not do something, I would continue to fall behind the curve with my competitors. I participated in Operations Profit Surge which led me to the bonus, Pathway’s Systems for insurance agencies and the offer seemed too good to be true but it caught my attention with all the things I struggle with such as qualified leads, recycled or expensive phone and email lists, etc. I took the leap of faith, booked a call after the challenge was completed, and never looked back. Donato and his team brought us out of the cave man age into the modern world and made it simple, fast, and more importantly, made money fast. Now, I have an end-to-end marketing system that consistently bring us win after win. I am not sure who else does this with the support in place like Donato and his team, but I am all in. Do not hesitate to sign up for Operations Profit Surge. The value for the low risk ticket price is not even close! You will not look back either.

- James K.

Co-Founder, Insurance for Wealth Creators

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Challenge Live?

No. This Course Is Recorded. Once You Begin The Course, You Will Be given One Week Access To The Course Portal With Up-To-Date Information For You And Your Business (Each recorded session will be available 24 hours after each session is completed. You can move on to the next day material immediately if you choose).

I’m Already Running A Successful Business - Will This Work For Me?

Absolutely! This Course Is Designed To Revolutionize The Way You Structure Your Business - So You Can Generate MORE Profits (No Matter How Big Your Business Is).

Who Is This Class For?

Small Business Owners, Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Consultants, Agency Owners, And Other High-Level Entrepreneurs Who Are Seeking To Create, Convey, And Convert Their Products And/Or Services Into More Profits.

Who Is This Class Not For?

This Course Is Not For Wantrepreneurs And Those Who Are Seeking New Business Aspirations. Do Not Waste Your Money Or Time If You Are On The Fence. This Is For Those Whose Minds Are Made Up Regarding Their Future.

How Much Is The Training?

The General Admission Is Only $47. Inclusive Are 5 Impactful Updated Recorded Video lessons That Are Designed To Challenge The Status Quo, Improve Your Mindset, Impart The Fundamentals In Helping You Craft An Incredible Offer, Secrets of Increased Sales And Its Correlation To The Logic & Emotions Of Your Prospects And Why They Buy, And Solidify Basic Business And Marketing Insights Required To Drive The Success In Your Business That Will Place You On The Road To Success.

Is There Future Support Available?

Yes! We Have A Range Of Options To Support You On Your Journey To Success, Once You Have Mastered The Basics In Operations Profit Surge.

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